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The MCC is designed to bring more guarantees in the world of cryptocurrency.
By establishing good relationships with crypto enthusiasts all over the world we
are sure that we can achieve a much needed stability. Our team of traders
and investors will evaluate every investment before it is put on the market.
Standing behind their decisions isn’t only our development team, but our and
theirs wallet, since we have made the agreement that the revenue from this
coin is at a fixed price.


Millionaires Coin Club has been working on providing a sole service to it’s community, therefore we
have decided to make it public, that we will be launching a platform which will help the community
greatly out. As we stated before, we strive on making the best profit for miners, hodlers and
masternode owners. Currently we have decided to add a group, that group is the developers.
Platform launch which will exists of a service and good area. In this area you will be able to buy
certain services as mining instructions, coding, VPS rental, text writing and a lot more. These services
have a huge demand in the crypto community. We plan to launch the platform within the following
8-12 weeks. 

How does it work you may ask? Well it’s relatively simple, on the platform you will find the
developers and services providers who are listed. They are sorted by ranks, reviews and experience.
After you have posted a public message for requiring a service, they are allowed to send you offers.
These offers you can later compare and choose the most suitable for your needs.
To be listed on the MCC platform as a service and goods provider, you’ll need to pay a certain
monthly fee, this fee can only be paid with MCC cryptocurrency. As the platform will grow, the
amount of coins will grow as well from the POS, we have made this deliberately, so that the price will
remain as stable as it can be.